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1. Why did you take part in the event? Please check all boxes that apply:

2. Did taking part in the event?

3. Please check the appropriate box to indicate which resource pack components you used during your event:

4. Did your Pressure Station combine blood pressure testing with any of the following testing or promotion of services?

5. Did you promote your event in any of the following ways, in addition to any promotion conducted by the Blood Pressure UK? (If 'None', please answer question 6)

6. What were your reasons for not promoting your event?

7. Blood Pressure UK is a charity and needs continued financial support to carry out its work. Which, if any, of the following fundraising activities would you like more information on as a means of contributing to the work of Blood Pressure UK?

8. In general, how well do you feel that people visiting your Pressure Station understood blood pressure before you gave them information?

9. If your organisation is interested in supporting other fundraising activities, who would be the most appropriate person to contact?

10. Overall, do you feel that your participation in Know your Numbers! Week was successful?

11. Would you participate again next year?

12. How would you like to help with blood pressure initiatives from Blood Pressure UK in the future?

13. Did you find people with raised blood pressure readings?

14. Do you know of anyone who had a raised reading that was picked up during Know your Numbers! Week and has since been diagnosed with high blood pressure?

15. Please give a brief statement to summarise your thoughts on taking part in Know your Numbers! Week, including any particular successes, surprising findings or ways in which you think the event helped your patients/customers/staff/members.

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